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Jiaozuo municipal science and technology bureau leaders visited the company survey guidance

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At 10:00 a.m. on December 4, 2018, du anlu, director of the science and technology bureau of jiaozuo city and his delegation visited our company for investigation and research. Xue hongyan, chairman of the company warmly received them and held a discussion in the conference room.


Chairman xue first made a report on the company's products, personnel management, production safety, product quality, process flow and development prospects, etc. Director du and his team gave valuable opinions and Suggestions on the company's technology research and development and the application of future science and technology projects after carefully listening to the report.


Then, accompanied by general manager xue, director du and his delegation visited the laboratory, bulk material workshop and the second phase of automatic and intelligent production workshop of the company. General manager xue introduced the testing and inspection process and the production process of the whole production line from r&d to molding in detail. The advanced automatic intelligent production line has aroused the great concern of the leaders, the leaders of the line to the company's production base environment and automatic intelligent equipment praise, and jinxinhengtuo environmental protection and energy saving products affirmed.


Director du said that science and technology, energy conservation and environmental protection are important concerns, and he hoped that jinxinhengtuo will vigorously develop independent innovation, increase investment in scientific research, improve the ability of independent innovation, and pay attention to the creation, protection and application of independent intellectual property rights. It is hoped that jinxinhengtuo will continuously enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, improve its position in the industry and make greater contributions to regional economic development.