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After-sales service

Recruitment position
2018/12/19 18:03
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Job title Wages Hiring The end of time
After-sales service 2000-5000 2 2019-05-01


Gender requirement: male

Professional requirements: inorganic non-metallic materials major, mechanical manufacturing and other related majors

Education: college degree or above


To provide clients with all products of the company after-sales service, coordination of company sales related work with design institute, owner and contractor, write products use log records and construction, track construction, test and record the related data, assist business manager to handle the related matters, and other jobs assigned by leaders.

Job requirements:

Good communication and coordination ability, familiar with the product structure and performance of the company, have certain product design ability, have certain CAD drawing ability, hard-working professionalism, be able to travel for a long time, have relevant after-sales service experience or refractory knowledge is preferred.